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control c, control v @ ebersb9 by Steve Ruiz
July 20, 2009, 9:27 pm
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If you’ve been following Fecal Face‘s features this year and panting at work coming out of California, you’ll be happy to know that  Ebersb9‘s latest show control c, control v has brought lots of familiar Fecal Face featured (fecal?) faces to Chicago. This fecal feel probably has something to do with Ryan Travis Christian, sole contributor for Fecal Face’s Chicago bureau, local starlet, a person I once stole a killer painting from, and curator for control c, control v.

Alexis Mackenzie, Youthless

Alexis Mackenzie, Youthless

While a collage show, only half of the artists really take a direct and formal collage approach. Hilary PecisUntitled, Hisham Akira Bharoocha‘s All That Baggage, and Alexis Mackenzie‘s Youthless and Dust are all straighforward (at least in construction), whereas the other artists’ work feature a more collage of content rather than of form. In Eric Yahnker‘s Bearded Asterisk, the collage came before the drawing, chopped and composed digitally and reconstructed in graphite on the paper. Likewise, Bjorn Copeland‘s Kokomo and Tobacco/Beta Carnage’s Hawker Boat are both the kind of video collages you might wind up with whirling a razor in a local access hell-vault, composed of weird, surreal, and sort of familiar bits from just about everywhere.

Eric Yahnker, Beard Asterick

Eric Yahnker, Bearded Asterick

That slant towards extra eclecticism infects much of the art in the show. There is that certain aesthetic flavor to much of the work that is hard to name but easy to recognize. I’d call it psychedelic, but its visual intensity and chaotic content would be a hard microdot to swallow; no, this is closer to digital psychosis, a glitchy tour of shit culture with saturation at max, an intense absurdism. Its the flavor of Dan Deacon, Tim and Eric, of a purely aesthetic reading of Ulysses with 3D glasses on, and perhaps most crystally of the split second random commercial drop spliced between breaks of a show you recorded years ago on VHS. It feels very west coast, though its not entirely separate from the visual intensity and weirdo content of Chris Millar or Patrick Lundeen.

Whatever you want to call it, its here to see, more (see Pecis, Yahnker, and both video artists) or less (see Matt Irie’s Loomy Tombs) in every piece. Even Mackensie’s subdued natural collages have a hint of strange collission.

Hisha Akira Bharoocha

Hisha Akira Bharoocha, All That Baggage

By the way, I’m calling it drop culture.

Brion Nuda Rosch, White Mask/Mountain Mask

Brion Nuda Rosch, White Mask/Mountain Mask

Not only is this the strongest show yet at Ebersb9, control c, control v is really just way too good for being only the third opening at a brand new apartment gallery. Had Ryan and Sara and Dominic been given enough space to exhibit larger works from the same artists this show could easily compare to and compete with any exhibition currently in Chicago. As it is, control c, control v still packs in a solid group without overburdening the main space.

Though the backroom/bathroom is getting crowded.

The Artiest Bathroom in Chicago

The Artiest Bathroom in Chicago

I give it a:

8.53, give or take .01

control c, control v runs from July 17th to August 15th, 2009 @ Ebersb9, 1359 W. Chicago Ave.

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Alexis MacKenzie’s digital image was better quality than the work in person- a major letdown for me. Was it the paste? The not-as-meticulous-as-one-could-be Exacto cuts? The mentioned hair stuck in the paper?

And is it necessary to pay top dollar for a collage with the likes of 8th grade mastery? For some, yes, for me, no. Although, Hisha Akira Bharoocha’s “All That Baggage” was the highlight for me – with Brion Nuda Rosch in close second.

Overall the show was nice, but the space needs a fan. Sad to say I missed the bathroom exhibit this time.

Aside from the tired “West Coastiness” that draws a boring sigh from trendy yearnings gone past (that ‘scene’ that makes it difficult to distinguish between fashion and art), the show was a plus as it always is at Ebers B9.

I give it a 7 – (due to too high expectations -followed by a bit of a letdown.)

Comment by This one girl

Its pronounced Eeebers.

Comment by Steve Kush Ruiz

courtney (i am assuming this is courtnry because it is stupid). why do you go out of your way to tell everyone your own dissatisfactions about their work? you think everything is a dissapointment. is it because you are super insecure about your own endeavors/work? i think so.

and what the fuck is “west coastiness”? please explain. i am confident your knowledge of the current art world at large is as un-informed as your knowledge of outer space and so forth.

next time i will play endless summer, and put some shitty fucking hawaii -uke music and graphitotag a surfboard.

meh. laters

Comment by ryan travis christian

I believe it’s spelled Irie.

Comment by Frank Nitsche

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