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Chicago Art Review is a criticism blog for art shows and events in and around Chicago, Illinois, USA. Unless stated otherwise, all content is written by artist and writer Steve Ruiz. The Artists of the Week feature contains links posted daily to Facebook by artist Ryan Travis Christian.

When I started the project in spring of 2009, I mostly wanted to have a place to write about the art I was seeing so that I could better understand and remember the work. I have since tried to make Chicago Art Review a source of context in addition to criticism, using the unique blogging format to share my own pre- and post-game research. As an independent side-project, a one man show, and a humble blog, I’ve allowed myself not to be too concerned with strict journalistic rules of non-partisanship or comprehensive coverage which might prevent me from generating useful content. While the decision to give shows numerical ratings began as a riff on descriptive, kid-gloves criticism, those ratings turned out to be a handy bulwark against critical complacency and indecision. Please don’t mistake them for anything more than that.

There are plenty of people doing great straight criticism in Chicago – namely Newcity Art and Proximity Magazines, Chicago-based Artforum contributors, the Bad at Sports podcast, and many independent writing artists.

Steve Ruiz, Planes 7

Steve Ruiz, Planes 7

For more information, or if there’s something you’d like to see here, feel free to e-mail me @ stevekushruiz at

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