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Blogging = Infinite Money Forever Hahaha!!

While blogging is pretty much free, the time and travel it takes to keep up a project like this isn’t so much. Rather than implement the usual rotating advertisement via google’s Adsense or even Culture Pundits‘s art-specific ad cycle, I’ve decided to try out a more scaled-down and symbiotic support system for artists:  I’ll show and link your work in exchange for a donation.

  • $10 will buy you a full month’s ad space on the blog’s left-hand margin. These ads are reserved for individual artist’s websites only.
  • $25 will buy a full month ad for any other art related institution or space (gallery, studio, website, bookstore, etc).
  • All ads must be 120 x 120 pixels and will point to the purchaser’s choice of URL. For examples, see the bottom left-hand margin of this blog.

At the moment Chicago Art Review pulls an average of 250 unique impressions a week, though every week’s readership is more than the last. That’s a lot of individuals who, like you, enjoy art enough to wind up here. At the very least, paying $.01 per impression ($10 for ~1000 views/month) on a focused audience site isn’t a bad set-up – not to mention you’ll be helping support the content and continuation of the Chicago Art Review project.

To order an ad:  click the link below, donate the appropriate amount, and send an email to with your image (at least 120 x 120 pixels) and the URL you’d like it to point to. Thats it!

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